Oral B IO Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Cyber Monday Oral B IO series Deals 2024 and Black Friday electric toothbrush Sales are here. Find Cyber Monday Oral B IO 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 deals 2024. Check it out below.

Black Friday Oral B IO Deals 2024

Black Friday Cyber Monday Oral B IO Series Deals

An app, a powerful brand-new motor engine and upgraded features help make the Series eight io Oral-B’s best smart toothbrush yet.


  • The electronic interface has a good digital touch.
  • The Round brush heads give you a much better cleaning experience.
  • The vibrations are not too strong nor as off-putting as some other electric brushes.
  • It has a long battery life (at least 10 days).
  • Helpful reminders on when you should stop brushing and when you should ease the pressure.
  • Powerful cleaning action
  • A suitable app to boost brushing habits
  • Charges quickly


  • Expensive. Brush heads are expensive to replace.
  • The app does not usually detect brushing spots effectively.
  • Tongue-clean mode is available exclusively on probably the most expensive model.

Cyber Monday Oral B IO 10, 9, 8, 7 & 6 Deals 2024

The Oral B iO syncs via Bluetooth to the phone. This locks an unexpected amount of info within the Oral B app. It shows you your typical brushing score (calculated from the length, pressure, and coverage of your respective cleaning quadrants).

All these help you to build better brushing habits; and also let you track how frequently you are flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, plus tongue washing. The really cool feature in the app is the real-time digital display and position detection so you do not overlook any hidden areas while brushing.

The iO relies on a frictionless magnetic drive, that is based on the company channelling energy to the bristles, especially to the bristle tips and hints in a more effective manner. This channelled distribution of energy is what gives the brushing a smooth almost vibrationless cleaning experience.

Animation feature like a sad face or a smile appears based on whether you have brushed enough or perhaps stopped short.

Check Oral B IO 9 vs 10 reviews.

Black Friday Oral B IO Series 8 Key Features

The oral B Series 8 IO deploys a Linear magnetic drive to deliver softer, more effective brushing

The Series 8 Oral IO has 6 cleaning modes, which include whitening and gum care

It uses Bluetooth and AI (artificial intelligence)to display real-time position detection as well as monitor improvement in the Oral B app. 

The iO toothbrush provides that straight-from-the-dentist pristine feeling after cleaning your teeth. Other standard features include a timer along with a real-time look at the places you have not brushed yet.

The io features a digital LCD screen that provides you with details on just how long you’ve brushed with the electronic screen.

It also has face recognition features that provide a timer and real-time visual representation of your brushing so you always know when you should move on or perhaps stop.

The iO depends on AI as well as a gyro sensor in addition to an accelerometer in the handle to give you feedback data on your brushing. However, regardless of this amazing technology feedback from users indicates that there are accuracy issues with the face recognition feature and the data you get. For instance, the animation does not sync with the brushing physical movement.


The Series 8 APP

The app has amazing features After you are finished, the app asks if you have brushed the tongue and flossed your teeth which obviously leads to greater tooth health.

In the app, you are able to also look at brushing information like weekly, monthly, and annual coverage scores, where you are applying a lot of strain on your gums, along with typical brushing time. You are able to likewise set reminders for switching the brush head, which you are meant to change every 3 months. These brush heads are able to cost you a great deal in the long run – a pair costs thirty dollars.

The Series eight has 5 different settings, like the slower Sensitive as well as Super Sensitive options. When you need a much deeper clean, you can switch over to Intense, which has another oscillation perspective to get a broader sweeping movement, or perhaps Whitening, which has a varying speed to gently remove stains Finally, Gum Care additionally operates with a varying speed but is meant to stimulate the gums of yours to encourage regeneration.

Oral B IO Series 6, 7, 8 and 9 Black Friday Deals

Oral-B’s brand new iO has 3 models: Series Eight Series seven as well and Series nine, which are variants of the io model apart from a few additional features and brush heads in the higher series. 

The Oral B io Series 8 electric toothbrush utilizes Bluetooth to provide you with data about how you clean your teeth.

The Series Seven has 5 cleaning modes – Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Whitening, Intense – and its “artificial intelligence” tracks 6 zones in your mouth of yours. The electronic display is monochrome, unlike the colour screens on another 2 models (series 8 and 9). Series seven does not have Super Sensitive, whereas Series nine also includes a Tongue Clean environment.

Series eight adds cleaning mode and great sensitivity, Series nine boosts the zone count to sixteen, so it may do a much better job of correctly registering the areas in which you brush,It has a tongue clean mode

The iO Series Nine comes with enhanced position detection across sixteen zones and costs fifty dollars more. (You will also get another brushing mode, 4 brush heads, in addition to a charging travelling case, along with a magnetic charger for household use.)


  • The clever functions on the iO are flashy, but it is the brand-new drive system that left a lasting impression. Oral B created a pint-size linear magnetic motor, which creates energy like a magnetic axis movements from side to side between 2 poles. This tech is really more efficient at translating power straight to the bristles rather than the whole brush head, and that is the major pitfall of other sorts of motors.
  • Face recognition monitoring may not be flawless, but it is nonetheless a very helpful tool that reminds you to invest much more time in the parts of the mouth like molars than you normally would.
  • With the io series 8 and indeed all the io models, you can pick what cleaning method you want and also the 30-second pulse alerts and stopwatch on the handle’s style display allow you to observe your progress.
  • The re-designed strain sensor, which today alerts you when you are brushing too softly and not only just when you are brushing too much, has been ideal for finding the proper pressure for many users.

Cyber Monday Oral B IO Ultimate Clean Brush Head

Although Oral B sticks with a round shape which oscillates and rotates like its predecessors its, the brand new Ultimate Clean brush head designed for the iO has many more bristles plus brand new tuft designs. A few are twisted, and some are composed of longer and shorter bristles. Collectively they’re made to cover surface area, including hard-to-reach places.

Oral B IO Cyber Monday Deals 2024

The Oral B iO is unquestionably an upgrade on many models. The intuitive quality of brushing thanks to focused pressure on bristles to the more efficient techniques of the pressure sensor and the improved face recognition features,

in case you are set on an intelligent toothbrush, the iO will not disappoint. It excels at the one important thing you do not wish to compromise on: top-notch cleaning power.

Come for new Oral B IO Cyber Monday Deals 2024 and Black Friday as we keep updating our Black Friday Oral B electric toothbrush deals 2024

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