Oral B Genius X 10000 vs 9600 Review

Oral B Genius X 10000: Find out how the Genius X Limited, 10000 model compares with the 9600 electric toothbrush.

Key Difference between Oral B Genius X 10000 vs 9600 Specs

  •  Oral B Genius X 10000 and 9600 is the same toothbrush but with a major improvement in the form of AI.
  • Genius X 10000 features position detection but uses Artificial intelligence to detect areas and zones you are not brushing well. The 9600 Electric Toothbrush uses position detection using the front camera of the mobile phone.
  • Oral B Genius 9600 comes with 4 different brush head (FlossAction, CrossAction, Sensitive and 3D White) while Genius X 10000 with similar brush head, for example, the Luxe Grey model comes with 4 CrossAction brush heads while the Luxe Rose-Gold comes with 4 Sensitive brush heads.
  • Genius 9600 has a Smartphone holder for mounting your face facing the camera while the 10000 model doest have a phone mount because you don’t need it, instead you use AI in conjunction with Bluetooth connectivity and the Oral B App.
  • Oral B 10000 has 4 colour variations but Genius 9600 has six
  • The 9600 electric toothbrush comes with brush head storage. This is not included in the Genius X 10000 accessories.
  • Genius 9600 has a visible pressure sensor that is triggered by the 360 LED lit Smart ring. It has 12 colours that can be customised to your liking. Similarly, the Genius X 10000 has a visual pressure sensor too that is based on the Smart ring.
  • Genius 9600 has a timer to let you know when you need to from one quadrant to the other. So does the Oral B 10000. All other Genius X features apart from the AI position detection are similar to Previous Genius models.

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Which is Better, Oral B 10000 Genius X or 9600?

If you are looking for a feature-packed toothbrush, then Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush is for you because there is no better techie toothbrush in the market at the moment than this. All this is thanks to the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), a concept that is revolutionising the way we apply technology. Ai can literary second guess the actions you take on your teeth when brushing and would remind you of any zones you have missed.

Oral B 10000 is a proper premium toothbrush that will enhance your teeth brushing experience. The AI technology gives you feedback on where you need to improve while the App can store data for 30 days which can be used to improve your oral health. No doubt this is the most technologically advanced brush that you buy at the moment.

  • However, if you are not keen on features but are looking for a decent electric toothbrush with Bluetooth, we recommend the Oral B 6000. With this, you can still connect to the App for all fun activities. It is medium priced but still a top brush to enhance your oral health.
  • In case you are looking for a decent toothbrush with core functionalities and essential feature then the Pro 3000 will be a good fit for you.

Price Comparison

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Oral B Genius X 10000 vs 9600, which is better?

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