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Oral B Genius 9600 vs Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700

Let us compare Oral-B 9600 vs Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700 both of which are top end best electric toothbrushes on the market today. While the Oral B Genius 9600 is an upgrade of the best selling Oral B Genius 8000, the Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700, on the other hand, is an improved version of the old Sonicare Diamondclean models and now there is 9750 model (Check Oral B Genius X Luxe vs Sonicare Diamondclean 9750).

Last update on 2022-05-17 at 03:35 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2022-05-17 at 03:35 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The difference between these two top-end electric toothbrush lies mainly on their key features and hence price differences: brushing technology, functionality,  number of brush heads, look and feel, number of cleaning modes, colour options, add-ons.

Let us discuss this one by one

Difference between Oral B Genius 9600 and Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700

Brushing Technology

When comes to the brushing technology as you already know, Oral B electric toothbrushes use rotation, vibration and oscillation, 3D movement using small round brush head. This offers tooth to tooth cleaning experience. Sonicare toothbrushes, on the other hand, uses sonic vibration using a large oval shape brush head sweeping plaque from side to side.

Color Options

Whereas Smart 9700 comes in one color only,  lunar blue, the Oral-B 9600 Electric Toothbrush, on the other hand, comes in black, white, purple, rose gold and sakura pink to choose from.

Number of Cleaning Modes

Sonicare Diamondclean 9700 comes with 5 cleaning modes with 3 cleaning intensities, high, low and medium whereas, Oral B 9600 comes with 6 modes with no cleaning intensities to choose from. This means that with this Sonicare electric toothbrush you have the power to control the brushing speed while with the Oral B you rely only on the pre-set speeds under different cleaning modes.

Remember, when you change to a different mode you have also to set the cleaning intensity afresh or it will default to pre-set Sonicare option.

Apart from that both Sonicare 9700 and Genius 9600 have tongue cleaning, daily clean, gum health (care), whitening and deep clean modes. The 9600 model, however, has one extra mode the sensitive mode for brushing your teeth when they are in pain.

And while you can select which mode to use on Sonicare 9700 before switching it on, with Oral B 9600 model you cannot do it so as you need to switch it on first.

Number of Brush Heads

While the Sonicare Diamondclean comes with 4 brush heads (plaque control, gum care, tongue care and whitening ), the Oral B Genius 9600 comes with three (cross-action, sensi ultra thin and whitening).

When you place a brush head, Sonicare  9700 selects which mode and cleaning intensity to use automatically. It has the ability to recognize the brush head and pair it with selected cleaning mode automatically, what a time-saving feature.

Visible Pressure Sensor

Both Oral B 9600 and Sonicare Diamondclean have built-in pressure sensor with that of the Sonicare located on the base of the handle and that of Genius 9600 located at the top of the brush handle. And whereas, that of Philips Sonicare illuminates purple when you apply too much pressure while brushing, that of Oral B 9600 lights up red.

On top of a pressure sensor, both toothbrushes slow down the brushing speed as another means of alerting you not to scrub or brush your teeth too hard, as brushing firmly causes damage to both teeth and gums leading to gum recession.


The Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700 has an inbuilt-in brush head technology called ‘BrushSync’ that track the usage of each brush head and tells you when to replace it using amber light on its handle. As you already know, it is widely recommended to change the used brush head after every three months to keep your mouth free from accumulated bacteria on the brush head.

The Oral B Genius , on the other hand, comes with smartphone holder that can be mounted on the mirror or tiles. This comes handy when tracking brushing habit, where, you do not have to bother holding the phone while brushing.

Notice that you need to face your phone camera when brushing with Oral B Genius 9600 to help the brush track accurately the position of the toothbrush on your mouth.

Another deciding factor is the battery life whereas, the Sonicare 9700 battery last longer, three weeks time, compared to 2 weeks time of the Oral B Genius 9600.

And here the Diamondclean shines whereby at the end of 2 minute cleaning time, it switch itself off automatically, for the Oral B Genius you have to switch it off manually once finished brushing.

Similarities Oral B Genius 9600 and Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700

  • They are both Bluetooth enabled with Smartphone apps to track your cleaning performance and telling you where you have brushed and where not
  • Both come with a charging station,  Sonicare 9700 uses glass, while Oral B uses normal charging station.
  • Both come with a USB charging travel case, the 9600 comes with a global adapter to be attached when charging it on travel outside USA. Both travel cases can hold up to 2 brush heads per time
  • Both have 2 buttons on the front, one for switching the brush on and another one for changing modes
  • Both use built-in lithium-ion battery
  • They all come with 2 minute timer and 30 seconds pacer to help you brush at recommended 2 minutes time
  • They all also offer a 2-year warranty
  • Check Oral B Genius X vs 9600 and or Oral B Genius 8000 vs 9600.

Which is Better, Oral B Genius 9600 or Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700?

In term of offering superior cleaning experience, they are all good. In term of budget, Oral-B 9600 Electric Toothbrush is cheaper than the Sonicare. And for those with smallmouth, 9600 model is the best option to go for due to its small round brush heads. However, if want a good looking best electric toothbrush, Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9700 is the best. Check, Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart 9750 vs 9700 vs 9500 vs 9300.

Apart from that, both 9600 and 9700 models are good at removing dental plaque and hence the choice lies on other small details and your needs and budget at hand.

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