Oral B Pro 3000 vs 6000: Key Differences and Specs Comparison

Oral B Pro 3000 and 6000 look a bit similar with some few add-ons and or modifications that differentiate them as reviewed below.

Main Difference between Oral B Pro 3000 vs 6000 Specs

  • Oral B Pro 3000 comes with 3 brushing modes (daily clean, sensitive and gum care) but Genius 6000 Pro comes with 5
  • The 6000 model includes all of the Pro 3000 modes plus deep clean and whitening modes
  •  Oral B Genius 6000‘s modes icons are visibility seen on its handle and illuminate when selected. But that of Pro 3000 is built-in, not indicated on its handle.
  • The beauty of these brushing modes is that when they are paired up with the specific brush head, for instance, sensitive mode with sensitive brush head helps you to achieve better cleaning results based on your personal needs.
  • Pro 3000 uses Nitrogen Metal Hydride battery while Pro Genius 6000 comes with long-lasting Lithium-ion battery.
  • Lithium-ion which when fully charged lasts up to 14 days compared to 7 days Nitrogen Metal Hydride.
  • Travel Case: 6000 Genius includes a travelling case for holding a handle and 2 brush heads, while Pro 3000 has no carry case included.
  • Pro 3000 includes a brush head storage compartment for storing up to 4 brush heads per time and so is the Pro Genius 6000 electric toothbrush.
  • 6000 Genius same as Genius 8000 features a customized 3D SmartRing that lights up any choice colour among the 12 colours provided to alert you in case of brushing too hard. You can change which colour to show up on the Oral B app.
  • Genius 6000 pressure sensor flashes after every 30 seconds to alert you to move from cleaning one mouth section to another. Pro 3000, on the other hand, offers a rear-mounted pressure sensor that light up red to alert you to stop hurting your teeth.
  • Compared to the Oral B 6000’s SmartRing the Pro 3000 pacer buzzes instead of lighting up as a means to alert you to move into brushing another mouth quadrant.
  • Pro 3000 comes in black and white, while with 6000 Pro comes in black, white, orchid purple and rose gold.
  • You can choose any colour you want among these to match your other household decor.
  • Pro 3000 comes with one brush head (3D white) not sure why because the 3000 model lacks the whitening mode to pair with the whitening brush head. However, on the bright side, you can use this brush head with any of the 3 cleaning modes provided and if possible buy sensitive brush head if you have issues with sensitive teeth and CrossAction brush head for daily use.
  • In the case of the Genius 6000, it also comes with one brush head, the CrossAction. You can buy more replacement brush heads as needs arise or at the time of buying the brush.
  • Check Oral B Pro 3000 Vs 1500 and or Oral B Pro 5000 vs 6000 vs 7000.

Keep in mind that, it is always good advice that you change your brush head after every three months time for maintaining good oral hygiene.


  • Both Oral B Pro 3000 and 6000 comes with built-in  2minutes timer with quadrapacer to help you brush all your teeth evenly according to the dentist-recommended two minutes brushing time, twice daily
  • These two best electric toothbrushes are both Bluetooth enabled to help you connect your brush to the Oral B app via your Smartphone Bluetooth for tracking and getting guidance on your brushing habits. The app shows how long you have brushed and which mouth section to clean. Also depending on how you set it, it can prompt you to floss and mouth rinses with mouth wash.
  • Both include a visible pressure sensor to alert you when brushing your teeth too hard. Their sensors only differ in terms of location and customization as discussed above.
  • They both offer 3D cleaning action (rotates, vibrates and pulsates) which is considered as the best brushing technology for removing more plaque along the gum line, keeping your teeth free from gum disease
  • There is a power button on both of them that is also used as a brushing mode ‘switch button’. The first press activates the brush into a daily clean mode, second press into gum care, third into sensitive and so for. Holding the power button for 2 seconds switches the brush off.
  • At the end of the cleaning cycle, you need to switch off the brush manually or else it will continue running. To assist this, there is a long pause at the end of a cleaning cycle as an indication for you to turn the brush off.
  • Both come with a charging stand that supports voltages of 110v.
  • There is a battery status on the handle that flashes red when the battery is low and green when it is charging
  • And as any other Oral B electric toothbrush, these 2 also come with a standard 2 years warranty

Which is Better, Oral B Pro 3000 or 6000?

Which one is better between Oral B Pro 3000 or 6000 Genius?; it depends real on your needs. Pro 3000 is one of the best value, most recommended electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth. It has the necessary key features for good oral care: a 2-minute timer, a pressure sensor, 3 cleaning modes, brush head storage box and Bluetooth connectivity.

However, when comes to complete Oral care, the Pro Genius 6000 Smart Series Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush offers more and is one of our best electric toothbrushes. It includes all of the Pro 3000 model key features and adds a travel case, a customised pressure sensor, a long-lasting battery and more cleaning modes to cater for all your cleaning needs.

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