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Oral B 1000 vs 2000 Review

Oral B 1000 vs 2000? What differentiates Pro 1000 from Oral B 2000 is the number of cleaning modes, pressure sensor, colour options and the price. Whereas the Oral-B 2000 includes 2 cleaning modes, daily clean and gum care, the 1000 model features only one mode, the daily clean mode. And while the Oral B 2000 includes a visible pressure sensor, Oral-B 1000 , on the other hand, does not have one. And in terms of colour options, with the 1000 model, you get three colours to choose from whereas with the Oral B pro-2000 you get only two. On the price side, Oral B pro-1000 electric toothbrush is cheaper than the 2000 professional model. Check also the Oral B Pro 1000 vs 3000.

Oral B Professional Care 2000 Review

If you are looking for an affordable electric toothbrush but yet effective in cleaning and whitening your teeth then the Oral B Pro Care 2000 is for you.

The Oral B 2000 professional care features two cleaning modes: the daily clean and gum care. However, this toothbrush lacks the sensitive and whitening modes when compared to similar Oral B models in the old Oral B or Sonicare dilemma. This Oral B electric toothbrush also lacks Bluetooth, travel accessory and smartguide.

Braun Oral B Professional Care 2000 Key Features

Based on the research I have conducted regarding the Braun Oral B professional care 2000 electric toothbrush, I will give it a 3.8/5. It seems to be a pretty solid electric toothbrush and clearly not the best, but for its price; it is one of the best for the price. There are lots of other electric toothbrushes out there for this price, but none like this one honestly. If you’re looking for a cheap, but valuable for the money I would most definitely recommend it.

  • This Oral B Pro Care 2000electric toothbrush is definitely more effective than a typical manual toothbrush.
  • Has 2 minute timer
  • With 40,000 Pulsations per minute and oscillations of 88,000 sweeps per minute, this toothbrush is designed to work in a similar way to the professional cleaning tools that you’ll find at your local dentist.
  • A pressure sensor light flashes if you are brushing too hard and need to ease off a little.
  • The bristles turn pale blue when worn out and need replacing, usually after about 3 months
  • Has a detachable brush head that snap-fits over a hidden interior central metal shaft which vibrates, causing the brush head to make rapid lateral-roll movements (cross-action) due to the hinge built into it. This enables the brush to automatically clean the teeth at slightly different angles in the mouth.
  • Despite what people might say about the head of the brush, the bristles are very sturdy and give a good combination of both softness and hardness.
  • The slim profile of the Trizone benefits the user so that the brush fits perfectly into your hand despite your age and movement of your hands.
  • Features 3D technology that ensures hard to reach areas are reached while the multiple pulsation and oscillation remove all surface dirt and any dirt hidden in between teeth and gums.
  • The Oral-B electric toothbrush is Ok for sensitive teeth.

2 Cleaning Modes

Two cleaning modes which consist of daily clean and gum care mode. Not too simple, but simple.

  • The daily clean mode is for day to day use and has a pressure sensor to alert you when you are brushing aggressively.
  • Gum care mode ensures that your gums are massaged to remove all plaque and stimulate the gums gently. It is also designed not to scrape your gums while cleaning effectually.


Included in the packaging are a rechargeable toothbrush handle and a charging station with brush head storage.


Its brush head doesn’t seem to clean as well as many other Oral-B heads. Like most products, this product has its bad and good. Some positives of it though include the cleaning modes, its slim build, its grip, the pressure sensor, and a timed clean.

Should You Buy the Oral B Professional Care 2000?

Considering the value of the Oral B Pro Care 2000 it is very good value for the money.

The replacement heads are cheaper than the Phillips brand. Much more powerful than a lot of other toothbrushes out there. Many people like this professional care 2000 rechargeable toothbrush. The most helpful critical review states that the two functions it comes with (standard and gum care) are all that a person really needs and that most extra functions are mere gimmicks and of no use.

According to various experts across the web, this toothbrush has been clinically proven to strengthen and better your teeth in general. The only thing that keeps being repeated is that it is a fairly standard design compared to other electric toothbrushes with its capabilities.

You will need to leave the toothbrush overnight for it to fully charge, but be careful to not overcharge as it will cause problems with battery life as expected. The customers’ review and the experts’ reviews were pretty neck and neck with each other. They both basically stated the same things. The Oral B professional care 2000 toothbrush simply put is a pretty manual type toothbrush with capabilities better than the simple toothbrush. 

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