Oral B Genius 8000 vs New DiamondClean Smart Sonic Series

Philips DiamondClean Smart Sonic 9500/9700 Series vs Oral B 8000 Genius :It is undisputed that Sonicare and Oral B are the key players in the electric toothbrush industry. They are always head to head with each other in producing the best electric toothbrush in the market in what is usually referred to as the Sonicare vs Oral B battle.

Oral B was the first to design a brush that connects to a smart phone app via Bluetooth connectivity.  Sonicare did not waste time; they came up with Sonicare Flexcare Platinum connected that uses blue tooth connectivity to aid users in improving their teeth cleaning skills. However the flagship DiamondClean which is arguably the most prestigious Sonicare brush did not have Bluetooth connectivity. However all that changed in May 2017 when Sonicare unleashed The DiamondClean Smart Sonic 9500 Series with an App that provides 3D mapping of our teeth cleaning progress.

Let us compare how the DiamondClean 9500 Smart Sonic Stacks up against the latest Oral B 8000 Genius. According to Oral B the new Genius 8000 is their most highly developed toothbrush yet.

Let’s start with the look and feel.

The DiamondClean Smart Sonic Series 9700 comes in six different colours (Pink, Grey, Black, Amethyst, Lunar Blue and Rose Gold).

Oral B Genius 8000 comes in two colours: black and white.

The DiamondClean smart Sonic has a seamless matte finish that is only interrupted by the on off button while the Oral B Genius has both rubber and matte finish. Both brushes have ergonomic handles but DiamondClean has a slightly better grip that Oral B 8000 Genius.

In the Look and Feel Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Sonic 9700/9500 is a clear winner here.

Face Recognition Technology and 3d Mouth Mapping

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  • The NEW Genius 8000 employs face recognition technology to identify places you have not brushed. This helps you to cover all zones so that you never miss any section. All this is information is pictorially displayed on your smart phone via an App.
  • The New Smart Sonic DiamondClean 9700/9500 has a 3D mouth map that tracks your brushing as you clean and reminds you to put more emphasis on areas you could have missed. This is done using a feature called “Touch Up” which requests you to re-do sections you might have missed to ensure that you effectively cover every zone when brushing your teeth.
  • In this section, there is no clear winner, both Oral B Genius 8000 and DiamondClean 9700/9500 track your teeth cleaning session, real time and pictorially show you areas you have missed so as to go over them and brush effectively. The Genius 8000 has a 360 “Smart Ring” that can be customised with 12 different colours. The ring works hand in hand with the incorporated timer and pressure sensor to give you feedback on how hard you are brushing and the brushing time you have used.
  • The New DiamondClean has a pressure sensor and scrubbing sensor that alerts you when you are brushing too hard. It also has a tongue cleaner.
  • However unlike the Oral B 8000 Genius customizable smart ring that can be customised with a raft of 12 colours, the DiamondClean pressure sensor is signalled by a ring of light that flashes at the base of the handle.
  • If colours are your thing, then the Oral B genius 8000 wins in this section. The quadpacer and timers in the new Smart Sonic series DiamondClean only buzzes to notify you to move to the next quadrant or to tell you that you have brushed for the dentists recommended two minutes. Once gain the Smart Series keeps it simple, no customizable lights.
  • The pressure sensor in the Oral B 8000 Genius intuitively slows down the speed of the brush in addition to visually alerting you via the smart ring.
  • Philips DiamondClean on the other has a microchip fitted in the brush head that will detect your brushing intensity and then pairs it with the most appropriate cleaning mode.
  • If you are using the adaptive head, it has in built mechanism to absorb any excessive pressure you might exert so that you do not harm your gums.
  • In the pressure sensor section, the Oral B 8000 Genius is a clear winner because it automatically slows down the speed of the brush and also alerts you.
  • The Diamond clean only visually alert you. However, their new Adaptive brushing head is made of rubber which is scientifically calibrated absorb any excessive pressure by the use.
  • The new DiamondClean also has three cleaning intensities (high, mid and low) which you can choose to protect yourself against such issues like brushing too hard.
  • However all these measures have to either pre-set or selected manually and not automatically as in the New Oral B 8000 Genius.[/su_box]

Charging and Travelling Case:

Both Oral B 8000 Genius and the new DiamondClean Smart Sonic Series 9300/9500/9700 have deluxe travelling charger. The Oral B 8000 Genius has a nifty USB port that can be used to charge both your brush and mobile phone at the same time. You also get a charging base you can connect to a socket and charge your brush.

The DiamondClean Smart series on the other hand has wireless charging. No messing up with wires. You get a charging glass that uses magnetic induction technology to charge your brush. The travelling case is sleek and elegant in both feel and form. Diamond Clean brushes use both American 110 volts and international 220 volts charging system. The batteries last for u to 14 days on a single charge while the Oral B can only stay charged for up to 12 days o a full charge.

In the Charging and Travel Case section, the new DiamondClean is a clear winner. You simply can’t beat wireless charging. You also get long battery life on a single charge with the Diamond Clean.

Cleaning Modes

The Oral B Genius features 6 cleaning modes (Daily clean for day to day cleaning- basic cleaning; Gum care; messages and stimulate the gums to improve immunity of gums; Sensitive, the speed intensity is reduced to cater for sensitive teeth; Whitening for whitening the surface of from teeth by polishing them and removing stains; Tongue cleaning mode for –cleans the tongue to remove any odours and Pro-clean that intensifies the cleaning regime by faster bristle movements).

The New Diamond Clean 9300/9500/9700 smart sonic series has five cleaning modes and three intensities: Clean for superior daily cleaning, White for whitening your teeth and removing surface stains; Deep clean for a detailed deep clean using the adaptive brush head that flexes the contours of your teeth; Gum health for gentle gum cleaning and tongue care for cleaning your tongue. The three intensities are high medium and low.

Choose any of the intensities to customise your teeth cleansing.




New DiamondClean Smart Sonic Series 9300/9500/9700



New Oral B Genius 8000

Health BenefitsIntuitively pairs brush head with the most appropriate cleaning mode for optimum cleaning results. Improves gum health and whitens teeth in 2 weeks. It rids bad odours with tongue cleaner. Clinically proven to clean 10 times better than manual brush using the Adaptive brush head that flexes the contours of your teeth and gums for detailed deep cleaning.Improves gum health and whitens teeth.

Clinically proven to clean 7 times better than manual toothbrush.

In App couching using pre- planned programs to help with problem areas like plaque removal, gum health, whitening and managing braces.

Customizable intensities 3 customizable intensities (high medium and low)No customizable speeds but has an intuitive pressure sensor that automatically reduces speed if you bush too hard.
Cleaning modes5 cleaning modes

1.       Clean,

2.       2 deep clean,

3.        whitening,

4.       .gum health

5.        tongue care

6 cleaning modes

1.       Daily clean

2.       gum care,

3.       sensitive,

4.       whitening ,

5.       tongue cleaner

6.       Pro-clean


Facial recognition /3D mouth mapping (Real time app coaching)In app training using 3D mouth mapping and a “Touch up” feature that reminds you to work on places you have missed.In app training that uses facial recognition technology to remind you zones that you have missed.
Pressure sensors and tongue cleanerPressure sensor visually signals when brushing too hard by flashing light at the bottom of handle.Pressure sensor visually signals when brushing too hard using the customizable 360 Smart ring. It also automatically slows the speed down
Look and feel/range of choice in colours Comes in six different colours of choice (Rose-gold, black, pink, lunar blue, amethyst and grey).

Has an elegant seamless matte finish

Comes in two colours black and white.

Has a rubber finish.

Brush headsComes in 3-4 brush heads (depending on the series, 9700 has 4 brush heads)

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3 re-fill brush heads

Check the 8000 price here on Amazon



As you can see the choice between the new DiamondClean Smart Sonic 9300/9500/9700 series vs the new Oral B genius is all about the health benefits you will get and the ease of use.