Is Flossing Necessary?

Brushing is meant to clean the tooth’s exterior while flossing is done to remove debris lying deep in-between teeth. Nonetheless, the two are aimed at improving oral hygiene.

A sizable number of electric toothbrush manufacturers claim that their
brushes can reach between tightly squeezed parts of teeth during brushing. But that’s far from the truth. While the electric toothbrushes can do a greater job in cleaning teeth compared to manual toothbrushes, they can not really reach the
very deep and dark parts of one’s teeth.

Do You Need to Floss if You Use Electric Toothbrush?

A flossing cord can be a great option if you want to clean tight spaces between your teeth. But the string cords can really
be challenging to control while flossing. Not forgetting, they might just rip during the process and can prove difficult to clean the rear teeth. So, the use of electric toothbrushes and dental flossing can both work together for Oral hygiene. But if you are looking for a rather cost-effective option, then flossing might just be a great choice.

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