Flossing and Brushing: Which Should You Prioritize?

During your childhood, you probably were forced countless times to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Well, the majority did and as a result, saw the dentist less often. Now that you are all grown, do you still do it? And is brushing alone enough? Here, you will learn why you should practice both flossing and brushing for optimal health of your teeth and gum.

Tips for effective brushing

For effective brushing, you should uphold the following guidelines:

use the right shape and size of a brush according to your mouth size, dental
formula, and the teeth architecture.

You should acquire a new brush at least every 3 months or brush head for an electric toothbrush. Frayed brush bristles do shoddy work and leave your teeth insufficiently done. On the other hand, new
bristles reach inside the teeth and remove all the debris out.

Brush at least twice in a day and let each session last at least 2 minutes. It is easier to hit 2 minutes with an electric toothbrush, but not any power toothbrush is quality. In case you want to buy a rechargeable brush read or compiled list of top electric toothbrushes to decide which is good for you.

Concentrate on brushing all the teeth up and down rather than just the front teeth as most
people do. Remember, you are not just trying to get a white smile, but also prevent bacteria buildup, which mostly hides among the inner teeth.

Do not leave out the tongue. In fact, most people don’t know that the tongue if
not brushed, stinks more than the teeth.

Benefits of brushing

One of the major reasons why you should brush is to maintain fresh breath. Nobody
wants to have a stinky mouth, ever. Besides, it makes you look fresh and
kissable. Who hates a warm kiss from a loved one? Brushing as recommended gets it done.

Brushing removes stains and maintains the white color. Toothpaste contains abrasives
that remove substances that may otherwise make your teeth lose their white and appear dull and less appealing.

It also reduces the chances of suffering from dementia by around 35%.

Studies also show that it promotes the health of the baby for expectant moms. The bacteria can get into the bloodstream of the angel growing inside of you. Such an occurrence may lead to premature birth or giving birth to a baby with various defects.


Imagine running a vacuum cleaner over a seemingly clean carpet. After completion, you will always notice an increase in its brightness. This is the exact concept of flossing. It reaches out to the most hidden parts that the brush bristles don’t.

Why should you floss?

It removes deeply embedded plaque.

It prevents inflammation, which can increase blood clots, thereby inhibiting the
flow of blood to and from the heart.

It does so by preventing various infections caused by bacteria.

Studies have also shown that such bacteria can get into the bloodstream and increase
chances of cardiovascular disease and other heart problems.

It prevents the common tooth decay, and gingivitis, which could otherwise result
in a severe gum disease.

It can promote loss of weight- sometimes addiction to snacks is mental.

Once you floss, you will not want to stain your teeth all over again. You end up
consuming fewer sugars than normal.

Different Ways of Flossing

There are diverse flosses made to suit different people. For instance, there is soft floss to use if you have sensitive gums. There is also an option of electric floss that works perfectly by giving the right amount of pressure and stimulating your gums.

Children and individuals with braces have special flosses made for them.

As you can see, both brushing and flossing should characterize your dental health. They largely supplement each other. Keeping your teeth in top condition should be in your best interest. If you have not been doing both, it is time you commit. You might never have to see a dentist as often and you will save on dentist cost.

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