Oral B 1000 vs 3000 Review

Oral B 1000 vs 1500 vs 2000 vs 3000

Oral B 1000 vs 3000? The main difference between the Oral B 1000  and 3000 electric toothbrushes is in the key features and price as reviewed below. What’s the difference between Oral B 1000 and 3000? The has superior features than Oral B 1000 namely: a pressure sensor, more brush heads, connection to blue tooth … Read more

How to Prevent Tooth Decay Among Children and Toddlers

baby cavity prevention

According to the  American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) 90 percent of tooth decay, one of the most common infant disease, can be prevented, the AAPD has gathered a series of recommendations to eradicate the problem of the tooth decay in children. Following them day after day will guarantee perfect oral health for your children. … Read more

Oral B 5000 vs 6000 Review

Oral B 5000 vs 6000 electric toothbrush

Oral B 5000 vs 6000? These brushes have their own areas of individual focus. Whereas specializes in removing plaque stored near the gums, stresses in teeth whitening. Considering their costs, the Oral-B 6000 is definitely the most feature-rich brush handle providing more options for a thorough mouth clean in comparison to others. Meanwhile, each of … Read more

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum vs Sonicare Diamondclean Review

Sonicare Flexcare Platinum vs Sonicare Diamondclean

Find Sonicare Flexcare Platinum vs Diamondclean electric toothbrush: The Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum and Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart are both ingenious electric toothbrushes that seek to redefine the user experience. Everything about these two models is literally on the higher end: the features, technology and even pricing. One of the most defining features of these … Read more

How to Teach your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Tips on how to teach your child to brush their teeth

Oral health is an important part of your child’s overall health and basic maintenance skills should be taught to children starting at a young age. Teaching children the basic skills they need in order to have healthy teeth can be a challenge for many parents. Teaching your children to brush their teeth is not an … Read more

Oral B 7000 vs 7500 Review

Oral B 7000 vs 7500 electric toothbrush

Let us compare 7000 vs 7500: These best Oral B electric toothbrushes consists of many features in common and few that differentiate them namely, the number of brush heads, cleaning modes, colour selection, battery life, new features and their costs. In summary, the is the cheapest version when compared to the price of the 7500. … Read more

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