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Dr.Lina Padilla

Dr. Lina Padilla (dentalrave.com medical writer)

I’m a dental professional having studied for six years to graduate as a dentist from the National Autonomous University of Honduras. Since graduation, I have practised as a dentist for five years attending to patients and cosmetic surgery clients. I have a passion for writing which has led me to be a writer on this site. I combine my professional activity with dental, medical research, and writing. I have served as director of dentistry in the Honduran woman and family association, and as an advisor in oral surgery for the municipality of Puerto Cortes, Cortes, Honduras. I currently work as a general dentist in the family dental clinic specializing in orthodontics.

I also review articles written by other writers without dentistry training to fact-check and align the content with best dental practices and advice. My remit on this site mainly provides a resource, especially regarding the aetiology of ailments, alternative treatments and dental products that our readers can tap on to make informed choices. The articles are not meant to be medical diagnoses or prescriptions but as general information, because obviously, there needs to be clinical examination to provide a diagnosis ethically.

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