Bad Breadth (Halitosis)

Bad breath also known as halitosis is an oral condition that is associated with unpleasant odor or taste on the mouth. The smell can come from your mouth or teeth and, this can be temporarily or chronic condition. While using gums, mints and mouthwashes help getting rid of halitosis. They do so temporarily however, if …

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What To Do if You Have Gum Disease

what to do if you have gum disease

Gum disease starts slowly revealing itself in forms of soft, tender, swollen, red gums that bleed easily, sensitivity to hot or cold drinks, and toothache and if left untreated, advance very fast causing cavities, badly decayed teeth, receding gums, tooth loss and bad breath. The most annoying thing is that apart from the initial alert …

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Receding Gums: Symptoms and Causes

Causes and symptoms of receding gums

Receding Gums Receding gums is a condition that makes the edge of tissue/gums surrounding your teeth to wear off and exposing the tooth’s root. This makes the root of the tooth to be exposed and can cause all sorts of dental medical conditions raging from tooth sensitivity, pain and even loss of teeth if not …

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Best Electric Toothbrush for Gingivitis 2021

Best Electric Toothbrush for Gingivitis 2021

Here are the best electric toothbrush for gingivitis 2021? Are your gums red, swollen and bleeding when brushing? Choosing one of these best gingivitis electric toothbrushes reviewed below will help you to fix these early sign of gum disease in up to 2 weeks time. They include soft brush heads, sensitive/gum care cleaning mode, 2 …

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Periodontal Disease: Causes Symptoms and Treatment

How to Get Rid of Gingivitis

Periodontal disease is the infection of the bone surrounding the teeth. Its early stage is called ‘gingivitis’, an infection of the gums around the teeth.  Periodontitis is quite common with 47% of over 30 years old adults in US have it. It not common among kids but taking good control of it involves learning good …

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How to Get Rid of Gingivitis

How to Get Rid of Gingivitis

There are many ways of treating gingivitis gum disease ranging from using home remedies to professional cleaning. While some of these techniques can be practice alone to heal gingivitis, others need a combination of one or more ways. Let us explore the most recommended ways to see which one is the better one to go …

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Tooth Scaling and Root Planing

Tooth scaling and root planing

Tooth scaling and root planing (SRP) also called deep cleaning is a non surgical technique to treating periodontal disease (advanced form of gum disease). It includes scaling which aimed at removing accumulated dental plaque and tartar above and below the gum line and root planing for smoothing the tooth root where bacteria meet. The procedure …

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Gum Graft Surgery – Best Treatment for Receding Gums

Gum Graft Surgery

A gum graft is one of the simple and quickest ways of fixing damaged gum, due to gum recession. It is one of the most recommended best treatments for receding gums out there. As gums recede, they expose the teeth and its roots underneath causing damage to the supporting bone, teeth sensitivity to cold and …

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