Colgate C600 Proclinical Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Review

The Colgate C600 Proclinical Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is one of the Best Selling Electric Toothbrushes on the market.

Not all things are created equally and Colgate has proved this statement through the Colgate c600. The Colgate pro clinical c600 electric toothbrush is the world’s first ever toothbrush that has an accelerometer to speed up the brushing process.

  • It has smart sensors that can automatically adjust the direction and speed of the brush strokes.
  • It is also equipped with a 30-second pacer.The pacer will remind you when you need to change the area in your mouth that you are cleaning. It is advisable that you give 30 seconds for every quadrant of your mouth.
  • Another unique characteristic of Colgate Electric Toothbrush c600 is its triple clean and interchangeable heads. The heads will give you a sensitive option to promote gentler cleaning. Overall, the functions of this Colgate toothbrush will help to remove the stains from your teeth and provide the deep cleaning in between your teeth.

Colgate C600 Review

The Colgate c600 has many amazing features:

Its cleaning power is superb because it uses sonic wave cleaning actions. The high-frequency pulses are continuously emitted to sweep all the brushes in a super fast motion to dislodge the debris and plaque in your teeth.

In fact, a study reported that the Colgate electronic toothbrush is indeed five times more efficient and effective at plaque removal. In addition, the Colgate pro clinical c600 has a two-minute timer which is helpful to have enough cleaning.

Two minutes is just the minimum amount of time that you can spend to brush your teeth since you may allot another minute because there are a lot of little spaces in your mouth that need special attention.

Users of the Colgate c600 are very satisfied with the electronic toothbrush because they find it very convenient to bring. It is because the electronic toothbrush has a travel case for easy portability.

They also commend the manual mode selection component of the electronic toothbrush. The manual mode selection component allows them to manually change the brushing action and speed of the toothbrush head. It will help in maintaining the speed of the brush strokes so that the gums will always be protected from any bleeding.

Almost all the users of the electronic toothbrush rated the product with five stars. Their comments always say how impressive the product is and that others should also try this Colgate toothbrush. They are really grateful because only after a week their dentists were amazed by the superb cleanliness of their gums and teeth.

The cleanliness is caused by the 30,000-40,000 brush strokes that an electric toothbrush can do. Damage to the gums is also alleviated because the electronic toothbrush doesn’t brush too hard. Elders with mobility problems who use Colgate pro find it easier to use the electronic toothbrush because it has ergonomic grips. A lot of people are now encouraged to buy the Colgate 600 for them to experience its amazing results.


  • The use of c600 pro clinical has many advantages. An electric toothbrush will ensure a 100% good oral hygiene but a manual toothbrush cannot guarantee that. An electronic toothbrush can either be a rotation-oscillation or sonic type.
  • The first type moves in a circular motion and rotates slightly in a single way. While the second type of an electronic toothbrush has ultrasonic waves that enable the bristles to move at a very high frequency. Moving on, the Colgate electric toothbrush is also very slim, sleek and feather-light so people will surely love to use it. Its shape is similar to the shape of a non-electric toothbrush but its size is smaller. The angle-neck feature also makes it easier for the toothbrush to reach the back surfaces of your teeth. And the battery of the electronic toothbrush can last for a long time.
  • It is quite affordable just like the Oral B Black Pro 1000 which is budget friendly.
  • A use of the manual toothbrush is disadvantageous compared with an electronic toothbrush. A manual toothbrush can only achieve 600 strokes per minute. Gums can also be severely damaged if you will brush harder. People with mobility problems will also find the use of the manual toothbrush as stressful. And you will not be aware if the two-minute recommended time for brushing is already over.


However, this Colgate Electric Toothbrush also has its own disadvantages. The toothbrush head also needs to be changed after two to three months. The average cost of a toothbrush head ranges from $15 to $20.

The size of the travel case of the electronic toothbrush is also quite big so it is sometimes hard to take it with you. Another thing is the battery. You need to regularly charge the battery.

Some batteries of electronic toothbrushes can last up to one week. Other batteries can last up to two or three weeks. The higher the battery life, the higher the price for the battery. And another important thing to note is that an electronic toothbrush can sometimes break if not properly used. There are cases that an electronic toothbrush broke only after two months of use. In order to avoid that kind of situation, read the manual carefully and do the listed instructions. It is also necessary to keep the warranty safe so you can get a replacement for your toothbrush if ever something unexpected happens.

Overall Verdict

Indeed, the Colgate c600 pro clinical rechargeable electric toothbrush is a great discovery that will help you clean your mouth thoroughly but gently. The money that you will be spending for the electronic toothbrush will be worth it since you can gain a lot from the product. And many dentists are now recommending electronic toothbrushes for their patients.

Even the dentists know that the use of an electronic toothbrush is the safest and fastest way to attain a good oral health that can protect both the teeth and the gums.

The Colgate c600 electric toothbrush also earned the American Dental Association Seal of Approval which means that it has undergone from rigorous quality control tests to ensure its safeness and effectiveness in cleaning. So buy now and see for yourself what the Colgate can do for you!